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Rating CriteriaRating
Chance of getting a date3.8
Privacy protection4.5
Customer service4.5
Value for money4.2
Overall Rating4.2 /5


Outpersonals.com is an online dating community for gay and bisexual men. There are well over one million members ranging from gay men, bisexual men, bisexual couples comprising of a man and woman, and transgender individuals. It is a popular website that is seen as one of the biggest gay dating sites on the web today.

Other than dating and gay sex, Out Personals is seen as a large community where you can participate in social networking. It has unique features and interactive content that attracts people of all backgrounds and personalities. There are many ways that you can get in touch with other gay guys ready to have some fun.


You pay nothing to initially sign up for OutPersonals, and the process takes only minutes to complete. To begin, you select who you are from five options: Man, Gay Couple, Bi Couple (man and woman), Group, or TS/TV/TG. After, you select what you are looking for from similar options. Once you put in your birth date and region, you can head on to the next section to complete your signup.

Enter your email, create a username and password, and fill out an intro title and brief description about yourself. You are then ready to join this ever-growing gay community. Be sure that you go to your email and select the activation link. If you don’t, you won’t be able to participate in the website.


The search function on Out Personals is separated by standard search and advanced search. Any member can use the standard form to select the type of person you are searching for (e.g. man, couple, etc.). Beyond that, you can select an age range and region.

As for the advanced search, that is designated just to Gold members. There are a greater number of categories you can use to narrow down your search results. For instance, you can search according to race, sexual orientation, position, whether or not they practice safe sex, their body type, and endowment. There are other physical features to search for such as eye and hair color.

Advanced search also allows you to choose your preferences as to if they are smokers, how often they drink, and even if the other member is out yet. You can go as far as to searching based on their social orientation (e.g. liberal, conservative, and more), religion, and if they are willing to relocate. With such variety of options available to narrow the search down, it makes upgrading to a paid membership more compelling.

Key Features

OutPersonals has a number of features members can explore. Some features are only accessible to paid members, however.

1. Chat

Both free members and those who pay for their membership can access the gay chat function. There is an Adult Chat Room that you can join. You can choose from topic to region, and there is always an indicator that will show how many members are currently chatting.

2. Instant Message and Email

All members can use the IM feature. The way it is used is different according to Standard and Gold members though. Standard members are limited to sending out five IMs per day. Gold members are not limited in how many they can send.

As for email, only Gold members are allowed to send email, but Standard members can view and respond to messages sent to them.

3. Wink

A wink, otherwise known as a flirt, is a way to let a user know that you are interested in them without having to send a message or start up a chat. Only Gold members can send out flirts to others. However, Standard members can receive them.

4. Photos and Videos

Everyone can upload photos and videos of themselves. However, Gold members are the only ones that can see Hot Photos and Hot Videos. A photograph can help any member become verified, however. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself holding a sign up with your username written on it.

5. Live

There are various live features on OutPersonals to participate in. As long as you have a webcam, you can set up a broadcast. You can also view Live Models. As for the broadcasts, only Gold members can view them.

6. Community

Joining in on the community is something all members can do. You can create and read blogs, join in groups, and even check out the magazine. The community is an excellent way to get in touch with everyone. Groups especially are a good place to connect with like-minded individuals if you are, for example, seeking other gay daddies to share experiences with.

Safety and Privacy

The website does offer some tips on safety and privacy management. They warn against posting personal information, especially when you create blog posts. Furthermore, Out Personals encourages you to report anyone asking for personal details you don’t wish to disclose to their Abuse Team.

As for privacy, there is an extensive Privacy Policy members can read that explains in detail the information that is collected and how it may or may not be shared. The website does appear to be rather transparent about this type of data you provide them with. Generally, personal data is kept as long as you are a member on the website.


You can have a free member account on Outpersonals.com, but you can experience more with a Gold Membership. The prices are as followed:

  • 12-month (+6 months free): $6.95 per month | Billed at $125.10
  • 3-month: $12.95 per month | Billed at $51.80
  • 1-month: $29.96 per month | Billed at $29.96

Pros and Cons

Though Outpersonals.com has several positive aspects, there are some concerns about the website as well.


  • The website offers a great deal of features to its members, many of them unique such as the gay magazine that members can participate in.
  • It is a large, open community that goes beyond the average dating website.
  • Features a number of chat and live functions that members can use simultaneously.


  • Though a dating site, it does seem more geared to casual gay sex than it does for serious relationships.
  • Many of the great features are limited to paid members only.


OutPersonals Homepage
OutPersonals Homepage
OutPersonals Signup
OutPersonals Signup

Editor’s Verdict

OutPersonals is a highly popular dating website for men seeking men. It has over one million members, and it only continues to grow as it offers several unique features and an open community. Though many options are available to Gold members, the costs appear reasonable enough when compared to other similar dating websites. Overall, it is a recommended website if you’re looking for a gay community to join and have fun in.

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