How to Meet Bisexual Women (10 best options)

Whether you’re a woman looking to meet bisexual women or if you’re in a committed relationship and you and your partner are looking for a bisexual woman to join you, finding someone can be difficult. Dating is often hard for straight, single people, but trying to date when you’re interested in a same-sex partner often makes things a lot harder. It’s not as if you can go around asking random women if they, too, are into women.

Put simply, meeting bisexual women isn’t easy. It certainly isn’t impossible though. You just need to know where to look.

The 10 Best Options to Meet Bisexual Women

Meet Bisexual Women

1. Use Bisexual Dating Websites

One great thing about living in the digital age is that no matter what you’re looking for in a partner, the internet has certainly made it easier to find. This is also true if you are looking to meet bisexual women. Sites such as OkCupid, Her, GirlfriendsMeet, and Tinder are four of the most often used dating sites for bisexual women.

All of these options can be used absolutely for free, although you can upgrade to premium accounts if you’re willing to pay. The great thing about these types of sites is that you can be very specific in what you’re looking for in a partner or a third. The sites ask you to name just about everything you’d like in a perfect partner: what you want her to look like, her age, whether or not she smokes and/or drinks, whether or not she wants children, what type of relationship she is looking for, etc.

2. Visit Local Lesbian Bars

Just as gay bars are a popular place to find gay and bisexual men, lesbian bars are great places to find bisexual women and lesbians. Lesbian bars started popping up in the 1970s, and originally, they were strictly for lesbians. As time progressed and gender identities and sexual orientations became more and more fluid, they became popular places for all members of the LGBTQ community.

You can usually find lesbian bars fairly easily in every major city in the United States, and even smaller, less metropolitan cities generally have one or two. Just be sure you’re open about your bisexual orientation and that the women you meet there know exactly what you’re after in a relationship.

3. Create an Empty Closets Account

If you’re looking for bisexual women but don’t want to sign up for a dating app right away, Empty Closets is a safe, practical, non-dating online site where you can meet and chat with bi females without the pressure to set up a date right away. This site is especially great for people just accepting or exploring their own sexuality and is open to users from age 13 to 200. If you’re looking to cultivate friendships or build something substantial with another bisexual woman before jumping into anything, Empty Closets is the site to use.

4. Visit Clubs, Bars, Coffee Shops, Book Stores and Other Places Near Art School Campuses

While cliches are usually thought of in a negative light, some cliches are cliches for a reason. One of these is that bisexual females often attend art and/or performing art colleges and universities. If you’re truly interested in dating a bisexual woman, any type of hangout spot near an art school is probably a good place to look.

5. Don’t Discount Social Media

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram often get overlooked in the search to meet bisexual women, but they really shouldn’t. Social media can be a great place to find women who are interested in other women or who are interested in joining an already established couple. There are several ways to use social media to find whatever type of date you’re looking to find, especially on Facebook.

In addition to perusing profiles of “People You May Know” and “Mutual Friends,” Facebook now has its very own dating feature. Additionally, there are tons of public, private and semi-private groups set up by individuals on Facebook that are specifically for meeting bisexual and queer women. Some of these include LGTBQ Portland, Proud & Out – Alabama LGBT, Southern Bisexual Folks, Gay Lesbian or Bisexual in Hollywood and more. These groups allow you to meet local queer and bi females in or near your area.

6. Frequent Open Mic Nights at Local Clubs/Bars

Although it’s another cliche, if you want to meet bisexual women, you should definitely hit up your local Open Mic Nights. Whether they enjoy singing, slam poetry or just playing guitar, you’re bound to meet bisexual women at an Open Mic Night. You’ll find a lot of these in university towns, but there are generally a few going on every weekend in any major metropolitan area.

7. Vacation and/or Move to a Liberal City

If you live in a rural, conservative town like Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you may have some genuine trouble finding bisexual women. It isn’t that there aren’t any bi females there; it’s just that they aren’t as vocal about it, and there aren’t a lot of opportunities for going out and meeting them openly.

If you move to a more liberal city such as San Francisco or New York City, you’ll have much better luck dating bisexual women. There are whole communities of LGBTQ individuals in liberal cities, and they are very open about their preferences. Of course, it may not be practical for you to uproot your whole life and move to a new city, but you could choose to vacation in one of the fifty most liberal cities for your next vacation.

8. Use Your Mutual Friends

In every friend group, there are generally at least one or two women who identify as bisexual, even in the most conservative of places. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends that you’re looking to meet someone and let them help hook you up with friends and friends of friends that they already know are bisexual.

9. Join Local Singles Groups or Support Groups

If you, yourself, are a bisexual woman, especially one who is struggling with or just accepting your sexuality, joining a support group could be hugely beneficial for more than one reason. In addition to helping you come to terms with your sexuality, giving you a place to discuss how you can talk about it with friends and family and allowing you to talk about some of the issues you’ve faced or might face, support groups are also great places to meet other bi women.

Additionally, local singles groups are also great places to meet and mingle. It’s best if you can find an LGBTQ-specific singles group to join, but free-for-all singles groups can be good places to meet other women as well. You just might have to fend off the advances of straight men at these types of places before finding the right woman.

10. Go to Church

This may seem like a totally backward, horrible idea, but many people – both heterosexual and LGBTQ – meet people at church. Try to find a local inclusion church that welcomes members of the LGBTQ community. This will help ensure you find not only a bisexual woman to date but also one who likely shares your religious beliefs as well, which is a definite plus if you’re looking for something long-term as opposed to just a quick hookup.



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